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BOSCH Pack 301 LS Flow Wrapper

BOSCH Pack 301 LS Flow Wrapper

The Pack 301 LS is a midrange automation solution comprised of a Smart Measuring Loader, Smart Slug Feeder and the Pack 301 LS flow wrapper. It offers an efficient and reliable packaging solution for biscuits on edge, whether sandwich or plain.

BOSCH Elematic 3001 Highly Flexible Case Packer

BOSCH Elematic 3001 Highly Flexible Case Packer

Highly flexible case packer Elematic 3001 from Bosch Packaging Systems. Enhanced ergonomic design and a portable HMI for format pre-selection, adjustments and assistance functions simplify operation. Format changeovers are fast and reproducible thanks to the Elematic Click system.

Nupac Industries Pty Ltd are suppliers of high quality processing and packaging equipment to the Australian food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical and associated industries.

Nupac's extensive product range includes -

  • Bag makers -vertical form fill & seal machines, corner edge seal, block bottom bags, doy packs.
  • Sachet machines - filling, pre-made bags, recloseable bags.
  • Flow wrappers - horizontal flow wrapping machines, bar lines, biscuit lines
  • Cartoners, casepackers, checkweighers, augers, band sealers.
  • Confectionery cooking, dissolving, starch moulding, depositors, chocolate coating.
  • Bucket elevators - pivoting bucket elevators and feed systems.
  • Ingredient systems, materials handling, robotic feeding and loading.
  • Tablet presses, tablet coaters, tablet counters, tablet sorting, tablet tooling.
  • Vial filling & closing machines, capsulating, blister packing, containment systems.
  • Compact sieves, screens, separators, self cleaning filters.
  • Coffee roasters - industrial coffee roasters from 25kg capacity.

Bosch bag makers, vertical form fill seal machines:

Bosch bag makers, vertical form fill seal machines

Bosch manufactures a wide range of vertical form fill and seal machines and horizontal form fill and seal machines for many types of bag formats including pillow bags, stand up bags, corner edge seal bags, doy packs, brick packs, reseal zipper bags and stick packs. Bagging machines are available in continuous mode or intermittent mode equipped with easily programmable memory and user friendly touchscreen operation.

Bosch have designed modern packaging machines suitable for applications in grocery products, snack foods, frozen foods, ready to serve meals, dairy, confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products. >>>>more

Bosch Sigpack Systems horizontal flow wrappers:

Bosch Sigpack Systems horizontal flow wrappers

Bosch Sigpack Systems horizontal form fill seal machines, flow packaging and wrapping equipment is operating in a wide variety of applications including biscuit and bakery trays, confectionery bar wrapping, snack food packing, ground coffee, coffee and cocoa powder, sugar, flour, rice, cereals, pet food, pharmaceutical powders, sachets and stick packs.

Pack formats available in single packs, stand up bags, pillow bags, flat pouches, reclosable bags, tear open packs, protective gas packaging, valve packs and pull packs. >>>>more

Russell Finex sieves and filters: Russell Finex

Russell Finex sieves and filters

For over 75 years, Russell Finex have manufactured and supplied sieves, separators, filters and ultrasonic systems to improve product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard workers health, and ensure powders and liquids are contamination-free.

Throughout the world, Russell Finex serve a variety of industries with applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics.

Russell Finex offer the widest range of sieves and filters, also providing custom built solutions to meet unique requirements. The Russell Finex range includes Compact Sieves®, Finex Separators™, Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filters® and Vibrasonic® Deblinding Systems, used for screening of powders, granules, liquids, pastes, chemicals and chocolates.

The use of sieves, separators, liquid filters and strainers will improve your product quality and ensure your powders and liquids are free from contamination. The screening and filtration equipment will benefit and safeguard the health of operators and the environment. >>>>more

Pharmaceutical equipment:

Pharmaceutical equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment options are available from manufacturers such as Manesty, Bosch, Sigpack Systems, Cremer, Maschinpex and Russell Finex. Manesty tablet presses for production of small, medium and large batch sizes, single and bi-layer tablets. Tablet coating and tablet tooling also available from Manesty to compliment their tablet press range.

Cremer tablet, capsule and caplet counting machines for correct number of products discharged into a pack or container. Counting of pharmaceutical, soap and detergent products, confectionery, snack food, bakery, vegetables, flower bulbs, hardware items of any shape, size or weight.

Bosch manufactures pharmaceutical equipment for the production of hard and soft gel capsules, vial filling and closing, capping, washing, sterilising and cartoning machines. >>>>more

Probat coffee roasters:

Probat coffee roasters

Probat is one of the world leaders in the coffee roasting and green bean handling industries.

Complimenting this equipment, Nupac can also offer equipment for the tea and coffee packaging industry including coffee pods, coffee valves both outside and internal, vacuum packs and gas flushing. >>>>more

Nupac bucket elevators and feed systems:

Nupac bucket elevators and feed systems

Nupac manufactures a variety of standard bucket elevators under licence from Meyer Machine Company. The almost unlimited size and range of conveying elevators are designed to transport dry free flowing and non free flowing products in the food and confectionery industries and for many other applications. Easy cleaning and gentle product handling for confectionery, nuts, biscuits, snacks, cereals, frozen foods, rice, fruits, spices, pet food, chemicals, plastic and metal components.

Our pivoting bucket elevators can be designed and built to your required specification with heavy duty construction for long life and minimum maintenance.

Mobile hopper feeders and product feeding conveyors also manufactured by Nupac to aid product handling. >>>>more

Other equipment in our range also includes:

Other equipment in our range also includes

Nupac also supplies material and powder handling equipment, vacuum transfer systems, fully automatic ingredient feed systems and recipe batching available from AZO.

End of line and shelf ready case packing available from OLI for pouches, bottles, cans and cartons. Also providing palletizing solutions for stand alone, semi-automatic and fully automatic applications across all industries.

Checkweighers and auger fillers can be combined into one packaging line for a range of dry food and powder products. Included is horizontal cartoning, tray loading and shrink wrapping equipment. For the dairy industry we have a range of UHT, cleanfill, aseptic, thermoforming machines, plus processed cheese cooking and packaging equipment. >>>>more