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A unique opportunity for Victorian roasters

Nupac Coffee has a rare ‘ready to roast’ roastery opportunity in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Including an exceptionally maintained PROBAT P50 Drum roaster, with afterburner, this facility has green bean and roasted bean storage, gas connected and space to roast. It is ready to go for roasters looking to increase their capacity or looking for a high […]

Important factors to consider when buying a coffee roaster

The roasting process allows roasters to take control of their product, developing unique flavour profiles to make their product stand out from the competition. This is the most important part of the plantation-to-cup process with the coffee roaster being the most important piece of equipment for a roastery. Whether setting up a new roastery or […]

Nupac Service

How to prevent downtime and increase efficiency proactively 

Machinery faults and breakdowns are usually problems which companies look at solving reactively. Once a fault or breakdown occurs, there is a scramble to fix the problem, contacting service teams and looking for spare parts to reduce downtime, resulting in lost product and sales. This can be a stressful and costly exercise for companies and […]

Cobot palletiser solution halves labour costs

Looking for a palletising solution to reduce labour costs and improve worker safety, a Milk Formula manufacturer reached out to Nupac. Nupac worked with the customer to provide a Cobot palletiser that exceeded their expectations. Nominated for a safety award Halved labour cost ROI in less than 11 months “Best installation of any machinery in […]

GKF 60 | Expertly designed for research and lab testing

Providing a solution for high accuracy, small dosing, automated capsule filling, Syntegon have recently released the new GKF 60. Flexible and compact this solution has been designed specifically with lab-testing and research in mind and aims to help improve quality and accuracy, while also saving time and reducing labour and costs through automation. Syntegon understands […]

Manufacturers upgrade to match nutraceutical growth

The substantial growth in the nutraceutical and functional food markets has seen companies enhancing their processing and packaging lines to keep up with the demand. ‘Nutraceuticals’ is a fairly new term in the food and health space. Lacking a definite definition these products provide nutritional and health benefits, however they are not pharmaceuticals. They include […]

Join the team – A workplace built for success

Operating in the confectionery, food, coffee, and pharmaceutical industries, Nupac is the leading packaging and processing solution provider across Australia and New Zealand. Nupac provides a range of tailored machinery solutions to optimise and upgrade processing and packaging lines. Working in a dynamic environment, the Nupac team is made up of a range of experienced […]

Compact counting solutions – Cremer HQ Series

The new Cremer HQ Series Product Counting Machines are a compact and highly versatile product counting system for primary or secondary packaging of confectionery and food, as well as non-food products. Developed to provide a fast, reliable, and cost-efficient solution, the HQ Series is scalable for different production requirements, including several models to suit different […]

What would you do with a $500k grant to support manufacturing?

With a commitment to provide $60 million worth of support for the Australian manufacturing industry, the Victorian government is offering up to $500k worth of funding to support projects which help manufacturing businesses innovate and grow. The Business Development Program issued by the Victorian Government will fund up to 33% of the purchase and commissioning […]

New hygienic and flexible Air Expellers

Syntegon have released a new air expeller to the market. With the use of hygienic silicon extrusion profiles, backed with steel strips, the Syntegon air expeller reduces the need for sponge material and minimizes the residual air in bags dramatically. Extremely effective, and with tool-less adjustment, the Syntegon Air Expellers allow for residual air optimisation, […]

SN Maschinenbau FME 50 – Small footprint, large capability

A step towards reduced footprint and waste, with an increase of OEE and sustainable processing, is a step in the right direction. The SN FME 50 Rotary Form Fill & Seal machine offers the ability to take this step, allowing a range of recyclable films while also running at a surprisingly low energy consumption. This […]

COVID Trends here to stay – What this means for manufacturing

There is no doubt the world has changed significantly over the last 12 months, inevitably resulting in industries and businesses also having to evolve, or risk being left behind. With the easing of restrictions and the slow transition back to normality in Australia, we have seen the panic buying subside, however a large change in […]

Syntegon SVE 3620LR Bagger – Increase Your Production

Proven and Reliable Technology The SVE 3620LR is a continuous motion vertical bagger for basic bag styles including pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags, both small and large. Corner Sealing: Patented corner-sealing module positioned in front of forming shoulder does not increase machine height. Removeable folding frame and easy bypassing of corner-seal unit enables quick […]

Complete Vaccine Production System

Together in the fight against COVID-19 The manufacturing process of a COVID-19 vaccine depends on the active ingredient; therefore the process equipment must offer maximum flexibility to ensure the easy adaption to manufacturing specifications. For a fast track, line configuration solution read more about Syntegon’s Complete Vaccine Production System. Contact us today for more information […]

The impact of 20% increase in throughput for a fresh food manufacturing customer!

A Nupac customer focussed on the loose-leaf salad production and manufacturing, purchased their first vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger from Nupac two years ago to replace an opposition model.  The new VFFS bagger provided them a 20% better throughput than their previous machine. Due to the increased demand on production late last year, […]

Syntegon Continues With Australian & NZ Partnership

Known as Bosch Packaging Technology until late 2019, the former Bosch division now presents itself as Syntegon – the new name in processing and packaging. Syntegon’s business focus is on intelligent and sustainable technologies for the food and pharmaceutical industries which is why extending the technology range is a priority for the company. It was […]

Russell Finex – Industrial Sieving Solution for Pharmaceutical Powders

A major pharmaceutical company optimizes its pharmaceutical production line with the installation of the Russell Finex high performance sieving equipment. With nine manufacturing companies across India, a leading pharmaceutical company had plans to develop and revolutionize the pharmaceutical  industry across the Indian subcontinent. Six of these manufacturing facilities focus on the combination and formulation processes […]

Artificial intelligence in visual inspection – far more than a vision

AUTOMATED INSPECTION MACHINES POWERED BY DEEP LEARNING VALIDATED System ready for qualification Already in use in manufacturing line EFFECTIVE Detection rates up to 100% False reject rates down to 0% SIMPLE Seamless integration into vision system Only 3 vision tools per recipe ECONOMICAL Less machine idle time for recipe tuning Potentially millions of dollars in […]

Probat Digital Launch – NEW P Series Roaster

Syntegon – Biscuit Technology Our Love for Biscuits

Syntegon – Formerly Bosch Packaging

Syntegon’s Doy Zip VFFS Bagger for High Quality Doy Zip Bags

CONTINUOUS MOTION VFFS BAGGER FOR HIGH QUALITY DOY ZIP BAGS Syntegon’s Doy Zip resealable pouch captivates consumers with a premium look, locked-in freshness and outstanding convenience. A stand-up pouch that catches the eye and delivers a quick return on investment, Syntegon gives brands a leg up with premium quality and product protection while you score […]

Syntegon SVC 4020 – Hygienic & Flexible Vertical Bagger

SCIENCE OF SMART DESIGN – SOLVING THE HYGIENE EQUATION Safeguard your brand from costly recalls and comply with the latest food safety regulation standards with the hygienic SVC packaging machine from Syntegon. The state of the art SVC vertical packaging platform provides high hygiene levels, protecting product packaging from potential contaminants. The SVC bagger is […]

Rudolf Deckert DTT200 Track & Trace Unit

For packaging of prescription drugs, marked with an individual traceable serial number and a 2D Data-Matrix-Code, additionally to the human readable batch related production data. Also each package has to be secured with a tamper evident closure. DTT200 M&V Unit-Track & Trace 2016 Brochure

Russell Finex – Self Cleaning Eco Filter

Self cleaning industrial filters to remove contamination and oversize materials from your liquid products. Designed to suit a range of processing requirements across all industries, the Self Cleaning Eco Filter is an innovative filtration unit ensuring that contamination can be easily removed from your liquid products. With a range of models available, this unit is […]

Russell Finex – Compact Sieve

High-capacity vibrating screen and sieve machines for improving product quality and purity. The Russell Compact Sieve range of round vibratory screens removes all over sized contamination and is ideal for high capacity safety screening of powders and liquid slurries. These vibratory sieves fit neatly into production lines, providing considerable screening capacity without requiring excessive headroom. […]