Horizontal Baggers (Form Fill Seal) | Pouch Packing Solutions

At Nupac we provide global market leading medium to high speed horizontal (form fill & seal) baggers, providing customers with a reliable and effective step up from pre made bagging machinery. As local distributors of market leading pouch solution machinery providers, SN Maschinenbau, we work with closely with our customers to ensure the solution is best suited to their needs.

Horizontal Bagging Machines (HFFS)

SN Maschinenbau develop customised FFS (form, fill & seal) or FS (fill & seal) pouch packaging machines, with dosing systems and associated accessories. Whatever your requirements are – SN packaging machines fulfill them!
And they do so with highest production rates, maximum precision and consistent pouch quality. The pouch packaging machines have an extraordinary long life cycle, they are simple to operate and can be retrofitted easily at any time. This, and their extremely low energy and maintenance costs, makes SN packaging machines the most economical of their kind.


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