Rotzinger Group - Switzerland

Specialist in conveyor, storage, distribution and product feedin g systems for the packaging and production processes and robotic systems for primary and secondary packaging.

Technology Range

Rotzinger PharmaPack

Rotzinger PharmaPack provides flexible and high quality pharmaceutical cartoning and track & trace solutions. Its portfolio ranges from cartoning machines (for vials, ampules, syringes, insulin pens, pouches, blisters and bottles for cough syrup and cosmetics) to serialization and aggregation solutions for tracking and tracing of the packed products

Hansella – Chocolate Solutions

Hansella provide a wide range of chocolate processing and packaging solutions, Assortment systems Enrobing systems Buffers Hygiene conveyors Loading and denesting Cross feeding stations Cooling tunnels Case and Carton loading

Hansella – Cosmetic Filling Solutions

As the successor of STUNK/BOSCH filling technology, Hansella provides proven cosmetic filling and capping solutions. With a unique CIP system, these solutions provide fast, reliable and reproducible cleaning.

Hansella – Confectionery Processing Solutions

As a leading supplier of confectionery and pharma equipment for 100 years, Hansella provides a complete range of confectionery processing solutions. From soft and hard candy, fondant and jelly to marshmallow, nougat, toffee and bars, as well as many other types of confectionery, Hansella offers a wide range of solutions to fit any confectionery processing […]

Rotzinger – Buffer Systems

Inline belt buffer and multi level belt is a conveyor system with feeding and buffering effect for product flow regulation and and/or cooling, ideal for delicate and sticky products such as marshmallows, sticky cereal or fruit bars.

Demaurex – Pick & Place Robots

Demaurex offers flexible automated solutions for product placement and feeding by means of Pick and Place Systems. These automated solutions are suited to bag forming, cartoning machines or thermoformers.