Softgel Solutions

Softgel Machines

Technophar softgel encapsulation machines are plug and play rotary die machines capable of producing finished gelatin capsules containing fill material with precise accuracy. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with touch-screen is used to control all production and process parameters.

These solutions are UL or CE certified, with FDA approved material contact parts, and they fulfill the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Multiple systems can be used to transfer the prepared fill material and gelatin mass to the machine.

Technophar offer a variety of models ranging from pilot scale to the highest commercial scale.


Softgel Drying Systems 

Technophar Tumbler dryers are offered as a standalone unit or in combination with our encapsulation machines.

Variable speed, high frequency blower, automatic capsules transfer, built in gentle heating, and more production parameters are set using a Programmable Logic Controller with touch-screen.

These solutions light-weighted baskets allow for quick changeovers, easy clean up, and inspection and are available in single and double deck configurations.


Softgel Auxilary Lineup


Technophar can supply standard and fully automated melters. Choose plug and play melters for lab scale. Technophar have commercial size standard and automated melters including load cells, automated evacuation, temperature control, mixing, and PLC with recipe screen.


A wide variety of GMP/FDA standard tanks are offered as per Technophar design, constructed from stainless steel with capacity of 50 L to 400 L. The selection includes tanks with a single wall or double wall with temperature control to maintain the prescribed temperature and gelatin pressurized tanks.


The Capsules Polisher is a machine capable of operating in two modes: manual and automatic with a tumbler basket capacity of 120 kg. It’s fabricated from stainless steel and FDA approved material contact parts to fulfill the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.